Scarpa Size Chart

Our Scarpa Size Chart is only a guide - Scroll down for more detailed information

It is important to understand that everyones individual preference of fit, and how your feet feel, are the most important considerations.

Depending on the intended use of the Boot or Shoe, Scarpa design the fit that is appropriate for the end use of the activity.

All Scarpa footwear models, boots and shoes, with the exception of ski boots, use European sizes that they are manufactured in, which give a more precise fit for each specific use:

  • 1 European size = 6.6 mm = 0.26 inch
  • 1 US size = 8.4 mm = 0.33 inch

For climbing shoes , the choice of using one size down depends on the desired fit and performance, which can be a personal taste.

For Scarpa Ski boots, the choice of using the full or half size more depends on the desired fit.
**It is important to note All Scarpa Ski Boots and Telemark boots (except Alien 3.0) use Mondo Point measurements.
The boots are available in ½ sizes and have the same shell as the larger size, but the inner boot is ½ size smaller.

It is important to note that Scarpa is different to other Ski Boots Brands which have a a shell size different on the half size

  • For example with most other Brands a 26.0 and a 26.5 have the same shell (26), but different liners.
  • With Scarpa Ski and Telemark Boots a 25.5 and a 26.0 have the same shell (26), but different liners.